Selected Talks

The Scientific Basis for Napping

You will get a basic overview of sleep, the dangers of sleep-deprivation, and the scientific research on napping, including how napping relates to health, memory, alertness and productivity. The talk is tailored for lay people interested in learning about the wide range of benefits of napping.

Why is my child so tired?

This talk is tailored for schools (teachers and students), parent groups, experts in medicine and psychology. You will learn the natural and normal, biological shifts that occur in teenagers’ sleep behavior, how society’s schedules can sometimes conflict with our natural circadian rhythms, and the best solutions for combating this sometimes life-threatening problem of sleep-deprivation in teenagers.

Napping in the Workplace

This talk is designed for corporate audiences interested in learning about real-world studies of the benefit of napping for productivity, sleep health, mental performance and wellness in the working culture. You will be introduced to real corporations that have taken the nap challenge, and find out what employees and bosses are saying about this revolution in workplace productivity.

Napping on the Edge

This talk will take you to the cutting edge of the latest research on napping, nighttime sleep, and the wild side of polyphasic sleeping. We will explore the success and failures of people throughout history who have used sleep and napping as tool for increasing creativity, mental performance and happiness. You will learn how to tailor your nap to suit your personal lifestyle and needs and how to use the Nap Wheel from "Take a Nap! Change Your Life."

Getting the most from your sleep

We live in a sleep-deprived society, mostly because we don’t know the basics of how to get the most from our bedtime. This talk will cover all the bases, from traditional tips for good sleep hygiene to new and useful scientifically proven techniques to improve your sleep and naptime. Healthy sleep is a possibility for everyone. Sometimes we just need a little coaching to discover our own best sleep life.