Businesses spend annually $150 billion in absenteeism, fatigue-related accidents and loss of productivity. Through education, online surveys, and sleep coaching, Dr. Sara Mednick will improve the sleep health of your employees, which will support and benefit every facet of waking life.


Our studies have shown that napping improves productivity and cognitive performance. We work with individuals and companies to tailor nap programs that will produce measurable results specific to the needs of each person or group.


Sleep affects not only our work, but also our health and relatedness to others. Naps and good sleep promote a healthy heart, decrease stress and risk of cancer, diabetes, weight problems and mood. Part of a proactive wellness plan is working with the sleep and all around health of you as an individual and your community.


Get tomorrow┬╣s solution today. We have shown the naps with rapid eye movement sleep can stimulate ideas and help reach creative solution to problems. Why wait, you can achieve innovations faster through starting a nap initiative.


Studies have shown that too many afternoon hours can be spent in the doldrums. Nap initiatives provide structured rest so that your afternoon workplace becomes a productive and focused hive buzzing with activity.